FACT: The number of uninsured young Americans has dropped by nearly 40% over the past 4 years.

Because people are forced to! It’s like you people just believe any statistic without any context. It is illegal to be uninsured now. If you don’t buy insurance you have to pay a penalty. 

Below are the penalties for not purchasing insurance. Note that the if you take the 2014 penalty, unless you make $9,500 per year or less, you’re paying 1% of your income.  The median income is roughly $52,000. That’s $520 in 2014, then $1040 in 2015, then $1,300 in 2016. Keep in mind this is the median income. If you’re more successful, the government wants more. $1,000 a year for a middle class family makes a difference.


A ton of you might say “why not just buy the insurance”. But premiums under the ACA are increasing massively as well, and plans with lower premium have massive minimum out of pocket expenses. This means you’ll have to spend thousands before your insurance even kicks in.



Further, there are mandates that every plan must have regardless if you want or need them. Some of these things include newborn and maternity care, something you might not need if you don’t want children. Prescription drugs are mandated, for people like me who don’t need any prescriptions. Services for mental disorders and substance abuse, something not everyone needs because not everyone has this problem. These mandates increase the cost of everyone’s insurance whether or not they need the coverage.

Don’t brag about people being insured when you’re slapping them with massive penalties and jacking up costs.



That`s right. Washington, D.C. has begun a siege on our generation, and it`s putting the entire youth population in a YOUTH DEPRESSION!

No matter what you study, and no matter what internship experience you may have,the climate for getting a long lasting, good paying job has never been worse.


It`s because government keeps growing. Taxes, regulations, unnecessary lawsuits, and the increasing national debt has made it harder for businesses to hire, and harder for our generation to get ahead.

The youth are being put into a situation where we will have to pay for everything and receive nothing. Our future is being mortgaged and stifled by politicians that have no vested statue in our well being.

Want to find a job? Get to work. Demand answers and support free markets to allow entrepreneurs to start hiring and government bureaucrats to stop attacking.


One of our field coordinators was unfairly kicked off a campus for asking if students think “Big Government Sucks.” Read about it here!

Are you nervous about voting for the first time? Come out to the Indian River State College (FL) voter education event. The Indian River County Supervisor of Elections office will walk you through the steps of voting… from start to finish. Main Campus N135 from 3-4pm.

A non-partisan event hosted by the College Republicans of IRSC and supported by Turning Point USA.



US colleges are paying their presidents like CEOs and treating students like customers, using their tuition to foot the bill.

It’s a broken system.

gifs via Jeremy Johnstone/Ivory Tower

The rising student debt crisis…

there is a clear correlation, but is the increased student loans the cause of the rapid increase of college tuition?


Turning Point USA’s Illinois Field Coordinator, Samantha Golden, hosted a ROTC voter registration drive at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville.


Samantha met with SIUE’s Lieutenant Colonel to help her set up the drive. He was more than willing to have Samantha come and register his cadets!

The drive ended up being very successful and resulted in over 25 people filling out voter registration forms, and 20 filling out absentee ballots. Students all across the campus were learning about TPUSA’s objectives and principles. The TPUSA message was well received among the students and it was a great way for TPUSA to grow the movement and reach a new audience.

siuc  (64)

SIUE  (64)

Turning Point USA is continuing to find innovative ways to register college students and young adults to vote! TPUSA’s innovative ways are gaining the interest of students with many different backgrounds, and this is only the beginning!


Real community isn’t forced—it’s created through free association. 

Learn more:


The U2 frontman said he believes large companies that avoid paying billions in taxes bring prosperity, rather than harm the economic growth of the country.

Large companies like Apple, whose tax deals made with Ireland between 1991 and 2007 have been closely examined by the European Commission of late.

The EC has since issued the technology giant – who recently teamed up with U2 to infect millions of iTunes users with their new album Songs of Innocence to celebrate the launch of the iPhone 6 – with a warning that they could be required to pay back billions of backdated tax.

Naturally, Bono was quick to defend his current business partners.

“We are a tiny little country, we don’t have scale, and our version of scale is to be innovative and to be clever, and tax competitiveness has brought our country the only prosperity we’ve known,” he told the Observer.

“We don’t have natural resources, we have to be able to attract people.”

Because of its generous tax allowances, he added, Ireland has reaped the benefits of “more hospitals and firemen and teachers because of [the tax] policies”.

True to the musician’s word, Apple does employ 4,000 people in its manufacturing plant in Cork – its largest and only factory of scale outside of the United States.

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